Thursday, November 21, 2019

Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lab Report Example (a) Give the gender, age and height of your subject using SI units. Calculate FVC and TLC for your subject using the above formulae, remembering to include units. Show your calculations (6 lines maximum; 10 marks). (b) FER expresses FEV1 as a fraction of FVC. Given this information, why do you think that FER is often used, in preference to the simple variables FEV1 or PEF, when comparing different individuals, or when determining whether an individual’s reading is normal? (5 lines maximum; 5 marks) ROW 10. Calculate using the fact that oxygen consumption (expressed under STPD conditions) is proportional to energy expenditure: 1 L of oxygen consumed is approximately equivalent to an energy expenditure of 20 KJ. (20 marks) [NOTE: In the above table, volume data has been expressed using the terms ATPS and STPD. ATPS means the gas volume measured under actual laboratory conditions of temperature, pressure and humidity; these may vary from day to day. STPD conditions on the other hand are standardised, and it is necessary to convert ATPS volumes to STPD before carrying out the calculation for energy expenditure in the above table.] (b) How do your values for resting oxygen consumption and energy expenditure compare with â€Å"normal values† given in a textbook or other reference source? Suggest possible causes for any differences found. Give your source(s) as â€Å"in-text references†, and include the full reference(s) in the list at the end of this report.(8 lines maximum; 10 marks) (c) State the type of exercise your subject undertook. How does your value for energy expenditure during exercise compare with â€Å"normal values†, for the same or a similar activity, as given in a textbook or other reference source?Suggest possible causes for any differences found. By how much might energy expenditure increase during maximum exercise? Give your source(s), as â€Å"in-text references†, and include the full full

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